Puppy potty training made easy in apartments, condos, or even the surburbs
Dog litter box drainage is vital. Urban Potty features unmatched drainage
Innovative super high gloss tray featuring 56 drainage channels and low height for puppies and seniors
Midnight potty trips just became safer and more convenient

Short On Space, Time, and Patience? Get the Best Dog Potty for Urban Dog Owners and Easily Potty Train your Dog or Puppy Today

The Urban Potty provides the ultimate convenience; shorten potty training for puppies and adult dogs, get back your free time, and let your dog do her business whenever she needs to. The Urban Potty indoor/outdoor puppy toilet is specifically designed for urban dog owners in apartments, condos and other city-properties.

Want a Better Solution to Expensive Pee Pads without the on-going costs? Check out the Urban Potty Starter Kit.


The Perfect Indoor or Outdoor Dog Potty - No Mess Puppy Potty Training is Here

Urban Potty features Potty Turf, a center-sloping/draining tray design, and a virtually enclosed waste container system with a cap, so waste disposal is clean and easy. We designed a product that maximizes drainage and allows for easy clean up.

Your Dog Can Potty Without Interrupting Your Schedule - Day or Night

When using the Urban Potty for puppy housebreaking on your high-rise condo balcony, or to avoid early morning/late night potty trips, you'll find that Urban Potty's system is the best in offering you the ultimate convenience and will free up time in your busy schedule.

An Indoor/Outdoor Dog Toilet That Fits Virtually Every Floor Plan

Our unique dog potty system design features a slim and sleek profile, optimally sloped tray, and an easy clean up collection system. Urban Potty's puppy toilet is designed and engineered for convenience and durability, and is built from the best materials available. We also feature top-of-the-line synthetic grass, from Potty Turf™, to allow for maximum drainage.

Provide Your Dog With the Ability to Potty Anytime They Need
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View Urban Potty Starter Kit
Urban Potty Starter Kit


Experience the Urban Potty

Urban Potty Starter Kit - Best for Puppy Potty training and apartments

View Urban Potty Starter Kit
Urban Potty Starter Kit

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With Urban Potty - You will no longer experience:

Taking the dog out to potty in the middle of the night
Making potty trips in rain, sleet, or snow
Coming home to pee spots, odors, and stains on furniture
Waiting for your dog as he takes his time going potty, distracted by the urban environment
Spending time outdoors around dirty public dog potty areas to potty train your puppy


Urban Potty Customer Testimonials:

5 star review Product reviewed: Urban Potty Starter Kit
We have 2 teacup sized dogs. We tried using puppy pee pads but our dogs just wanted to chew on them. Taking them out 5-6 times a day was a chore until the Urban Potty came along. A must have!

Kenny - Washington, DC

5 star review Product reviewed: Urban Potty Starter Kit
Everything worked as claimed. Took me 2 tries to get my corgie up on it but once he learned to potty on it, he took to it. Giving it 4 stars because this is really expensive.......... but worth it. I'd recommend this to anyone with a dog in a high rise.

Jason - Seattle, WA

5 star review Product reviewed: Urban Potty Starter Kit
Wish it was cheaper, but I'm extremely satisfied with this purchase. I'm extremely picky but I love this dog product. It's been a life saver.

Karen - New York City, NY